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The dangers of “slippery slope” arguments against pseudoscience.

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  It is easy to get scientists riled up by staking out an “us” vs. “them” position in which “we” are the rational, methodical people who value empirical evidence over intuition whereas “they” are the ideological, unreasonable traditionalists willing to go with their “gut,” whatever … Read More

I’m all for replications and reporting of null results, but what about the bees?

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A bee at work

I may have seemed a bit hard on meta-analysis last week, but I should say that there’s really no way to mount a good scientific argument without some form of it. You have to consider results across multiple studies, and come up with some sort … Read More

The giant soda ban as epistemological crisis

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This sounds like the setup to a joke, but I really was just minding my own business on a bench in Washington Square Park when I was approached by a perky young woman with an iPad and some pointed questions about New York’s proposed ban … Read More

“The Ashtray” and the realpolitik of scientific revolutions

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A while ago now, a friend alerted me to Errol Morris’s series The Ashtray for the NY Times’ Opinionator blog. Morris was writing about his time in graduate school, where he studied philosophy of science (!) with Thomas Kuhn (!!). If you haven’t read this … Read More


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