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MOOCs as capital-biased technological change

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X7Q73MX48QHW Last week my Twitter feed briefly turned into a kind of massively open online course about MOOCs, in response to this¬†thoughtful critique by Aaron Bady of an earlier post by Clay Shirky advancing an optimistic view of the role that free, open courses can … Read More

Diversity of Tactics in the Neurobiology of Language

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Monte Igueldo

If you are looking for something to eat in San Sebasti√†n early in the evening — as you might be if you were, like me, a jet-lagged scientist forced to walk in the dark to the inaugural lecture of the Neurobiology of Language Conference that … Read More

Science and capitalism: the Roaring Twenties and now

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  One consequence of being on sabbatical is never having to say TL;DR, and feeling free to read things that would normally accumulate in my pile of things to get around to one day. Another, less unambiguously positive consequence is a mild disorientation with respect … Read More

The twelve million dollar shark, the shoddy Science paper, and what it would mean if this analogy by Mark Carrigan were literally correct.

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Jeffrey Deitch deals with some labor issues

In this interesting post, Mark Carrigan points out some parallels between blue-chip art galleries and high-impact science journals. Here what I found to be the crux of it: In both cases the task of filtering, sorting a range of cultural products in terms of their … Read More

Defending reductionism, then not so much (Part I)

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Paris in the winter of 1995/96 — the city was chaos because of strikes prompted by a set of neoliberal “reforms.” I am a little embarrassed, in retrospect, by how little I engaged with or understood the enormity of what was going on around me. … Read More


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