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The dangers of “slippery slope” arguments against pseudoscience.

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  It is easy to get scientists riled up by staking out an “us” vs. “them” position in which “we” are the rational, methodical people who value empirical evidence over intuition whereas “they” are the ideological, unreasonable traditionalists willing to go with their “gut,” whatever … Read More

MOOCs as capital-biased technological change

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X7Q73MX48QHW Last week my Twitter feed briefly turned into a kind of massively open online course about MOOCs, in response to this thoughtful critique by Aaron Bady of an earlier post by Clay Shirky advancing an optimistic view of the role that free, open courses can … Read More

Daniel Everett’s Recent Book is Mostly Not About Recursion and the Pirahã

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Pirahã settlement

It’s odd that the release of this book served mainly as an occasion for the re-ignition of the “Universal Grammar (UG) is recursion/Pirahã has no recursion, so UG is wrong/no it isn’t/and also UG isn’t just recursion/oh and also starlings do recursion/etc.” debate, when the … Read More

The twelve million dollar shark, the shoddy Science paper, and what it would mean if this analogy by Mark Carrigan were literally correct.

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Jeffrey Deitch deals with some labor issues

In this interesting post, Mark Carrigan points out some parallels between blue-chip art galleries and high-impact science journals. Here what I found to be the crux of it: In both cases the task of filtering, sorting a range of cultural products in terms of their … Read More

Visions of Jonah

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JZ: I’m so glad you could make time to talk to me. It must be a crazy time for you, with all the brouhaha about your book. JL: I wrote it mostly in hotel rooms and in the backs of buses. I was moving pretty much through … Read More


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